This work would have looked the Bauhaus or in Peggy Guggenheim’s Art of this Century gallery...But Silverstein’s works, by and large, brim as they might with fleeting references, don’t look like anyone else’s paintings, much less photographs.
— Peter Frank, art critic
Artist Steven Silverstein, Esperson Gallery             CV→

Artist Steven Silverstein, Esperson Gallery          CV→


In mid-2013, photographer Steven Silverstein began creating non-representational abstract photography, currently held in private and public/corporate collections in the U.S. and Paris. These small and large-scale works are not created with digital software, close-up lenses, extreme cropping, or chemical processes. Instead, Silverstein deploys a digital in-camera exploration of light, often with symbols, color fields, and geometric abstraction. They are printed with hands-on attention using archival pigment inks on rag paper and canvas.

For his inaugural showing of abstract works, Silverstein exhibited in the two-person Schrodinger's Math: Observe + Decide (2014), at the Esperson Gallery. Other group shows have followed including the invitational I See You exhibition at the Texas Capitol (2015), and recognition with five other contemporary artists in a Senate proclamation for championing human rights through artistic expression. His first solo exhibition for Civic Experiment is slated for 2017-2018.


Born in Los Angeles, Silverstein studied fine art photography at Art Center College. He left after a year, supporting himself as a photographer for entertainment and fashion companies, then moved to Paris as an aspiring fashion editorial photographer where Sarah Moon, and her husband, Robert Delpire, art publisher and former director of Galerie National du Jeu de Paume, saw his work and introduced him to Peter Knapp, the pioneering art director at Elle magazine. As Silverstein became known for his conceptual ideas and execution, he consistently worked for Elle and dozens of other top magazines and brands for 30+ years, for which he has received numerous awards. This work has also been exhibited worldwide including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and held in public archives and private collections. Media profiles include Nikon Pro Spotlight video, Nikon World magazine, PhotoArt magazine (cover) and Zoom magazine (cover), among many others. In addition to guest-lecturing at leading universities and art institutions, he was the creator/co-director of a photography educational program in Paris and Los Angeles for four years.